Love food? This list of 23 business ideas for foodies is for you! Doughnut miss out on a chance to turn your passion for food into a business opportunity. Get cooking on your new business today!

1. Start a restaurant review TikTok or Instagram

Social media offers a wide platform where very niche audiences can be accessed. Starting a social media account that reviews local restaurants is a great business idea. Specialized accounts can gain thousands of dedicated followers. Aside from joining creator funds and getting paid through the apps directly, another idea is to partner with restaurants and get paid to review their food (as they get publicity from your video) or get the food you are reviewing comped. 

2. Start a cooking show on YouTube

Another idea for foodies that love to cook is to start a cooking show on Youtube or other streaming services. When your channel and videos start to take off, you will be paid through YouTube for subscribers to your page and per view on your video. You can also charge for ads or product placement in your video of get sponsored by brands to use their products.  

3. Start a food blog

Starting a food blog is a great business idea for a foodie that also enjoys writing. Opportunities for monetization include partnerships with brands, sponsored ads, and the use of affiliate links throughout your blog . 

4. Start a food themed podcast

Similar to a food themed blog, a food podcast is a great idea for a foodie business. A podcast allows for the opportunity to discuss many topics such as the history and origins of certain foods, good recipes, great places to eat or what it’s like to abide by certain diets such as vegan/paleo/keto act. You would make money off of a podcast through ads or sponsorships incorporated onto your discussions or by charging your listeners a subscription fee to access your podcast (depending on the platform). 

5. Write a cookbook

Specialized cookbooks offering recipes and advice on different lifestyles or diets can be very popular. A cookbook is a great opportunity to compile and share favorite family recipes, recipes for the vegan/vegetarian/ pescatarian lifestyles, or for diets such as keto, paleo, Mediterranean etc.. 

6. Open a food truck

Who hasn’t heard of a food truck festival? Food trucks are huge right now! Being mobile, they have the opportunity to travel where the business is and are not tied down to a specific location. Specialty food trucks can make a killing at fairs, festivals, charity events or even just by parking on the same corner every weekend. 

7. Start a cake/cookie business

Selling decorated cakes or cookies is a business venture for someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a facility. Businesses like this can be run right out of your own kitchen. You don’t need a full staff to run a small business like these, market your services in your community, and on social media, and get decorating! 

8. Open a niche gourmet shop

Small business gourmet shops can be very popular. They typically sell specialized items such as gourmet popcorn, specialty chocolates, and things of that nature. Become even more specialized by offering gluten free, vegan and allergen free options. They are unique because they can be run out of a physical storefront or from your kitchen through an online presence. 

9. Start a charcuterie boards business

Charcuterie boards are no longer just a simple way to serve guests cured meats and cheeses, now they are a statement piece. A great business idea is to sell premade artfully designed charcuterie boards and take the prep work out of hosting for your client base. 

10. Start a canning/jarring business

Sell homemade canned and jarred goods such as pickles, jams and jellies. Pickling vegetables other than cucumbers is also popular currently such as asparagus and green beans. Items sold in this kind of business tend to fare well at farmers markets. 

11. Start all natural homemade baby food business

It seems like everything is bad for us now a days. Recently there have been several news articles about baby food containing dangerous levels of toxins such as lead, other heavy metals and even arsenic. Parents are especially concerned with what they put onto their babies’ systems. Creating a business that caters to concerned parents is a great idea. By selling all-natural homemade baby food, parents can be sure there are no unknown chemicals in their baby’s food, and you can feel great knowing your business is helping to raise the next generation. 

12. Start a luxury picnic business

Picnics make a great idea for a bunch of occasions such as dates, bachelorette parties, birthday parties and even nontraditional weddings. Planning a picnic can be slightly difficult though. You must know good locations, plan the food, plan the seating, get all of the food, set up all of the food, get your fellow picnickers there, not to mention clean it all up afterwards. A business that handles the planning, set up and cleanup of a luxury picnics could be very lucrative.

13. Start a food-based gift basket business

Gift baskets are a very popular option for all different types of occasions. Birthdays, get-well-soons, funerals, holidays, food baskets are always welcome. You could offer fresh baskets that include items such as fruits or baskets that include packaged items that are not fresh. 

14. Open a coffee shop

Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee. With Starbucks dominating the coffee shop scene, many are looking to grab their cup-a-joe at a smaller, more intimate feeling shops that provide good coffee and good vibes. 

15. Offer Foodie tours around cities

Combine food and vacation and offer foodie tours around popular cities. Grab the best piece of pizza in New York, dine at the same restaurant as Paul Revere in Boston. Food is a great way to get to know the culture and history of a destination. By combining the two you’ll double your base to foodies and historians alike! 

16. Start a meal planning/meal prep service

A true mark of adulthood is when it sets in that you’ll have to cook yourself dinner every night for the rest of your life. That involves deciding what you’ll eat, planning what to get from the store, grocery shopping, prep, cooking and clean up. For a lot of people this can be overwhelming. Starting a business that helps to take the stress out of feeding oneself is a great idea! You could offer a meal planning service that provides a week worth of recipes on a schedule to take care of the deciding and planning aspect. Another option would be to offer a meal prep service. This would include some variation of the food being picked up or delivered already prepped and ready to go in the oven. Everyone likes services that make their lives easier.  

17. Become a personal chef

Some people really hate to or can’t cook. Cooking is an art. Becoming a personal chef allows you to put your love for food to work by cooking meals for private clients. 

18. Become a nutritionist

Nutritionists are not just for people looking to lose weight. Everyone could benefit from a nutritionist to help them learn how to fuel their bodies to feel the best. Offering nutrition consultation services or becoming a dedicated nutritionist is a great way to put your knowledge to use. 

19. Host cooking classes

Some people have cooking in their bones, others need a little extra help. Offering cooking classes, either online or in person, is a great way to display your love for food and prowess in the kitchen. 

20. Host an annual foodie festival featuring top/local chefs/restaurants

Food+Entertainment=Crowds. Host an annual foodie festival to bring together foodies from all over. Feature top/local chefs and restaurants and you have an event that will attract foodies and those just looking for something to do for the day. Throw in a performance by a local band or two and you are golden. The business opportunity comes in being the host because you can charge an admissions fee for patrons and a vendor’s fee for businesses/chefs. 

21. Organize exclusive pop-up dining experiences

Exclusivity creates buzz and demand. Limited opportunity creates a sense of urgency. Combine the two by organizing exclusive pop-up dining experiences. One way to do this would be that people join a list and get an invite for an upcoming pop-up restaurant that might only be open for a night or a week. 

22. Create a dining/subscription membership

A dining subscription/membership works in that people pay your membership fee and get to attend your regularly scheduled dining experience featuring a rotating menu, so they get something new and exciting every time.

23. Start a food distribution business

Find the best ingredients around become the middle-person between farmers/producers and restaurants. 

There is no shortage of business opportunities for motivated foodies. This list gave you just 23 business ideas for foodies, but the opportunities are endless. Remember, thyme is money, so get started today! Thanks a latte for reading our post!


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