The Covid-19 pandemic and 2020, in general, was a turning point for the world of business. Countless businesses and enterprises were forced to change their entire working process from regular working environments to the home office.

Needless to say, not all companies had previously utilized remote working capabilities which caused a complete rush to incorporate this means of the workforce. Depending on the point of view, the situation we were forced to cope with has both a positive and a negative impact on the world of business.

In the following article, we will discuss the importance of having online working capabilities in order to deal with arising problematic situations such as Covid-19. In modern work we live in, there are few negatives of utilizing the home office and we consider it a mistake if you do not include it in your regular working practices.

Improved Productivity

It may surprise you but most people feel and truly are more productive when they are working from home. It could be contradictive to what we are used to and it may appear like being stuck on the desk results in increased productivity but the truth, according to several studies, is that productivity nearly doubles in the home office environment.

You cannot argue that office environments can often be frustrating and stressful. Plus, people not only get distracted but actually look for distractions when they are too tired from working. It is a fact that the home office is less stressful and a preferred option for many people nowadays and there is a very good reason to allow it in your business.


Is there anything more important for a business than to be profitable? The end profit is one thing but there are countless money spending factors in running a business.

The most obvious cost is office space. Even if you have a small business now, it will require more space as it grows which results in higher costs. Having an online/remote workforce will relieve these costs off your shoulders.

It is considered that it costs more than $10 000 yearly for a business to keep a single employee in an office. Can you imagine the reduction of costs if you have a dozen employees and you give them the opportunity to work from home?

Not to mention it is incredibly cost-efficient for your workers too. Transport, gas, food, time – giving them the opportunity of a home office will significantly improve their lives overall.

Employee Retention

As the world around us changes and technological advancement moves forward yearly, more and more people prefer to work from home and are ready to switch to a different job just to get this opportunity.

In fact, recent surveys claim that a large percentage of all people would decrease their salary or reject a raise if they were offered to work from home as an alternative.

Let’s face it – it is hard to find good workers nowadays and even harder to find those few that would actually stay long-term. By utilizing, online and remote working practices, you will make your employees happier and give them a good reason to stick around.

Increases Access to Better Employees

If you want a successful business, you need the best employees you can find. While talented people live everywhere and there is no way you will not be able to find a suitable person for every task, the ability to hire people worldwide and have them work from remotely gives you the opportunity to hire professionals from the other side of the world.

Take advantage of the possibilities and hire the best in the business for significantly reduced costs than you would have if you had to hire them for in-office work.

Increase Service Hours

Having a physical in-office workforce only does not always allow your business to work beyond the regular working hours. Depending on the type of services you offer, it would be beneficial if you could offer long service hours or even 24-hour service.

Well, even if your business does not require it, there is no negative side to having long working hours – your customers will appreciate it.

By having a remote workforce, you can safely increase your service hours without any additional costs. In fact, it is absolutely cost-effective since it decreases all other costs connected to the working process.

Improves Wellness

As a business owner, you should be used to having employees call in the morning because they are sick or have other urgent matters to attend. Especially during specific seasons like the flu season, many businesses suffer from the insufficient working force.

The benefits regarding this matter are obvious. If you incorporate remote working to your business, you can skip through all the issues connected to health and still have your employees active.

And, in events such as the Covid-19 pandemic, you will have your employees working safely from home instead of risking their health.

Better Use of Technology

In the end, if you want your business to remain relevant and steadily successful, you need to utilize the latest technological advancements. The way business works changed rapidly in the past several decades and it would be a total loss not to take advantage.

Whether or not you incorporate the home office to your business work, it would be a mistake not to utilize online work for some, if not most of the processes that make your business.

There are hundreds of affordable tools out there that will not only improve the way your business works but improve the way your employees feel doing the job. Why would you sacrifice the opportunity to boost productivity in all kinds of ways, remove some of the annoying daily tasks by making them automatic, and waste the chance to save time and money for your business?


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