Whether you’ve ran a business before or you’re taking a leap into the unknown, there is a plethora of business ideas out there that can help you generate a supplemental source of income.

Does being outside in the sun appeal to you more than packing orders in your living room? Don’t fret—read on to discover not five, not ten, but 25 business ideas for people who like outdoor jobs!

01. Offer dog training services

Save pet owners a headache (or many!) and offer to house train their dogs for a commission fee.

02. Operate a micro or urban farm

Many cities have recurring farmers’ markets that operate year-round, so you can sell your products there or deliver them to customers.

03. Start a plant nursery

If you already have an indoor jungle of your own, you can start a plant nursery by propagating popular house plants and selling them to both budding and veteran plant parents.

04. Deliver food and essentials for restaurants

Besides services like DoorDash and UberEats, you can partner with local restaurants to deliver their equipment or food stock on a regular basis.

05. Be a coach for youth and teen sports

Sports seasons come and go all year long, and those who enjoy instructing others can start a coaching business for youth teams.

06. Accompany the elderly and students as a walking buddy

From helping an elderly person across the street to accompanying someone who has to walk home at night, walking buddies have enough demand for businesses to capitalize on.

07. Be a home or building inspector

Home inspectors save buyers a lot of time and money for their expertise, and often, lenders require an inspection before agreeing to finance a home.

08. Offer courier services

Couriers pick up packages and deliver them directly to a recipient. Since everyone loves lightning-fast deliveries, you can start a local courier business.

09. Start a power washing business

If you have a power washer of your own, or if you’re looking to invest in one, you can have people pay you to clean their driveways and sidewalks.

10. Become a professional Christmas lights installer

Ever notice all of those houses that still have their holiday lights up in January? You can become a professional Christmas lights installer and remover to relieve them of the hassle.

11. Be a mobile car cleaner

Drive-through car washes are convenient, but sometimes people want a little extra attention to detail. Start a mobile car cleaning business to deep-clean their automobiles and check off another item off their to-do list.

12. Be a park babysitter for kids

Working parents don’t always have time to accompany their children to the park, so why not have them pay you to do it instead?

13. Start a tree tapping business

This might sound a bit niche, but local, home-grown goods are all the rage. While maple syrup from Maple trees is a classic, you can also tap Birch, Black Walnut, Sycamore, and Ironwood/Hop Hornbeam trees.

14. Organize outdoor events as an event planner

Help your clients experience the wedding, birthday party, or charity event of their dreams by planning the logistics on their behalf.

15. Specialize in outdoor catering

If you want to narrow down event planning even more, you can look into starting a business that focuses on food-centric events such as specialty picnics and dinners. A perfect compromise for foodies who love being outside!

16. Become a tour guide

Tour guides are a blessing for visitors, and they can focus on many things: maybe your city has amazing landmarks that have an interesting history, or you know restaurants that online blogs haven’t discovered yet.

17. Be a recreational instructor

If you enjoy activities such as hiking, skiing, etc., then why not start a business where you teach people what you know?

18. Offer trash can curb removal services

Clients could pay a regular subscription to have their trash cans taken in and out from the curb.

19. Start an outdoor fitness class

Exercise is more fun with a buddy, and you can be an instructor for outdoor yoga classes or host group running sessions.

20. Start a pool cleaning business

While pool cleaning is a seasonal task, they’re often big and time-consuming for many pool owners. You can charge a premium fee for high-quality pool cleaning services.

21. Offer snow removal services

Snow and ice can be a hazard on sidewalks and roads, so you can start a snow removal business during the winter season.

22. Become a landscaper

Lawn mowing, tree and bush trimming, and garden upkeep services are great business services, especially if an area has a large elderly or family population.

23. Become an outdoor blogger

Do you frequently explore hiking trails and national parks? Document your experiences for an audience by creating a blog about your adventures.

24. Sell small meals or beverages with a food cart

Busy commercial districts and tourist destinations are full of busy people who could go for a bite to eat. Start a small business by selling coffee or hotdogs near these areas.

25. Unleash your artistic side by being a caricature artist

Creative types can do what they love while being in a location they love, and in this case, caricature artists can make a lot of money when they’re stationed in spots with a lot of tourists.

Now Is the Time to Get Started!

These 25 business ideas for people who like outdoor jobs barely scratch the surface of what’s possible. Choose one that fits best for you, or create a new idea if this list inspired you, and start your outdoor business right away!


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