Benefits of Zoho Projects

If you are in need of a professional project management tool to control everything that happens in your business, you might have heard of Zoho Projects. If not, you should know that it is one of the easiest project management apps to use while it also comes with an abundance of important features.

There are numerous similar apps on the market today which makes it harder to choose the most viable option. To further help you with your choice, we have prepared a shortlist of the most important benefits of Zoho Projects.

Project Planning & Customizations

Project planning is one of the key aspects of maintaining a successful business. With Zoho Projects, you can break down your projects into manageable tasks and divide them to the employees. You also get a variety of tools that allow you to comment on tasks or change them in the future.

What makes the project planning in Zoho better than its alternatives? There is one feature known as the Kanban. It is a tool that allows you to keep track with every bit of progress while you can also customize your workflow to fit your needs.

Unlike most project planning tools or apps, here you have an abundance of tools that allow you to customize each project in various ways. For example, you can customize the workflow or the processes, or you can customize only for a certain member of the project.

Gantt Charts & Project Insights

With Zoho Projects, you get automatic charts and reports that make the evaluation process a piece of cake. Out of the abundance of tools, the Gantt charts are the most useful way to visualize progress. You can include any process from the project or assignment by customizing your charts.

Inner Communication

Without proper communication, your business will not succeed. It is crucial that all team members are aware of the progress and the latest insight. With Zoho Projects, you have an abundance of communication tools to ensure that no team member will be left unnoticed.

You can use the most common options like chat and feeds. At the same time, you can use Wiki or stay updated through the messages on the activity stream. Last but not least, there is also a forum.


How can you know whether all your workers are doing their assigned tasks efficiently? With Zoho Projects, you can keep track of the exact working time of each of your employees or team members. You can do that by customizing this tool and integrate it to your project.

Through Timesheets, you can see the exact starting time of any team member, exactly how long they spent on each assignment or process, and when exactly they finished. Furthermore, it also keeps track of the billing hours which is helpful if you need to send invoices later.

Document Management & Integration to Google

It is no secret that you need a safe place to store documentation and files. With Zoho Projects, you can keep everything in one place and also organize it in folders and groups. This includes all the types of files besides documents like photos and videos.

As for Google integration, you must know that Google is the largest provider of business-related applications and solutions. There is no way that you will not use something they provide and it is quite annoying to jump from platform to platform. Fortunately, you can combine Zoho Projects with your Google apps like Drive, Calendar, and even Gmail. 


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